The Intangible Benefits of Content Marketing

January 23, 2024

Measuring Success

Photo Credit: Anna Shvets

Numbers Don’t Lie. But They Don’t Tell the Whole Story, Either.  

When it comes to content marketing in cannabis, we have the tools to measure the progress of our efforts with data:

– Page views
– Email open rates
– “Likes,” “saves,” “DMs”
– Video watch time
– SEO rankings
– Number of downloads

… The list goes on.

However, the real value of content marketing is not always instantly quantifiable.

In fact, it’s intangible.

But it’s also more powerful and long-lasting.

Here are some benefits to content marketing that don’t involve numbers:

Thought Leadership
While providing commentary on an important industry topic may not lead to direct sales in the way a promotion would, being recognized as an expert could garner attention and lead to partnerships and business development opportunities down the line. 

Trust and Credibility
It’s not easy to put a number on something as sacred as trust. But almost every business owner will agree that it’s important to build strong customer relationships. 

Community Building 
When you have a brand that resonates, you rally people behind you. Maybe you can’t point to a specific action that created that community, but consistently showing up and inspiring engagement can have an exponential effect. (Think user-generated content, as one example!) 

An Educated Audience 
Today’s cannabis leaders have a great responsibility to educate consumers about cannabis products, delivery methods, as well as its history. By providing education, you’re not just building credibility with your own brand, but strengthening the industry at large. 

Improved Employee Morale 
If you have strong values and a strong culture that you convey to the marketplace, that permeates through every part of your business, including your team. 

Long-Term SEO
Sure, you could have a single blog post that ranks highly and generate a huge amount of traffic to your site. But being consistent in your content marketing efforts will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over time in a more sustainable way. 

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