The people in your business are working every day toward a brighter future. We're here to share your cause with the world and showcase the value you deliver for your customers day-in and day-out.

We believe in
brands with a mission that DREAM BIG.

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The result? Your brand becomes magnetic and inspires your customer to support you.

We also have deep experience with highly regulated and mission-driven industries.

We comprehend the intricate dance of compliance, ethical messaging, and authentic communication. Our team has the know-how to dive deep into your company to discover the little details that can be elevated to create genuine connection with your ideal customer.

With a knack for timeless storytelling, we capture the essence that forges powerful connections with your audience. 

Our roots in magazine editorial guide our approach. 

Cassie is a journalist and marketing professional with experience telling stories in nearly every type of medium, from printed to digital and multi-media. 

She's helped companies in horticulture, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), insurance, nonprofits, cannabis, consulting, healthcare, and other industries strengthen their market position through dynamic, cross-platform and trust-building content. 

In 2023, Cassie took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2023 with the goal of elevating companies that believe in operating toward the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). 

When she's not working, you can find her obsessing over magazines, finding the best thrifted fashion, or watching a period-piece film.

Meet Our Founder,

storyteller, SENIOR dog mom, Clevelander.

By the Numbers

From articles and blogs to infographics, special reports, webinars, email, in-person education and more in both B2B and B2C markets. 


Industries include horticulture, cannabis, controlled environment agriculture, insurance, CPG, and more. 



Cassie's experience from both local and national perspectives provides her a unique advantage in today's burgeoning industry.

Years in editorial & content

Brands helped

Years in cannabis

Cassie's editorial contributions have earned individual and team awards from organizations like ASPBE, Folio, and more. 



Lisa is a marketing professional with a strong track record of developing and executing a variety of digital campaigns. She's just as passionate about seeing data-driven results to achieve company goals as she is about her son Montana, yoga, and hiking the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Meet our Marketing Automation Director,

ADVENTURER, fitness lover, MOTHER.

Our Guiding Principles

We encourage imaginative approaches to storytelling that capture attention, provoke thought, and leave a lasting impression on audiences.


We prioritize accuracy, compliance, and ethical representation to ensure our content is transparent, trustworthy, and aligned with our clients’ values.




We don’t make progress alone–we must bring diverse voices and perspectives along with us. 

We believe in the power of genuine storytelling that resonates deeply with your customers. 

Our team is dedicated to reaching customers where they currently are, but also where they are headed next. 



motivated by trends alone 

solely focused on short-term gain or quick fixes

surface-level storytellers

Into superficial gestures or greenwashing

Driven only by profit

What We Are NOT


If you're serious about cutting through the noise to authentically communicate your brand, educate customers, and publicly measure your impact using today's most innovative content and distribution strategies, we can help you.

Invest in marketing services that turn heads and create forever customers.

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